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Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
North Block, New Delhi,
Dated, the 18th June, 2012 
Meeting of the National Anomaly Committee – 17th July, 2012 at 3.00 PM
            The undersigned is directed to refer to OM of even number dated 2nd December, 2011 regarding the 4th meeting of the National Anomaly Committee which was held on 5th January, 2012. All the Agenda Items placed before it could not be discussed and the meeting had to be adjourned. This meeting will now be held in Committee Room No.119, North Block, New Delhi on 17th July, 2012 at 3.00 PM.
            It is requested that you may kindly make it convenient to attend this meeting and also kindly confirm your participation urgently. Agenda Notes for the meeting will remain the same as were circulated earlier vide this Ministry’s OM of even number dated 16th December, 2011.
(Ashok Kumar)
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India

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                      ON 27th  JULY, 2012


D.G. Posts No. 2-10/2012-WL/Sports Dated 18.06.2012.
            The meeting started with introductory remarks of Secretary (Posts). In her address, Secretary (Posts) apprised of the Postal Sports Board about the sports activities being organized by the Department as also its budgetary provisions. Shri M. Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE and Shri D. Theagarajan, Secretary General, FNPO thanked the Chairperson for taking follow up action on the decisions taken during in the wake of 20th Meeting of the Postal Sports Board and convening the 21st meeting of the Postal Sports Board. Thereafter, the Chairperson allowed discussions on the agenda items and the following decisions were taken.
            Confirmation of the minutes of the 20th Meeting of the Postal Sports Board held on 5th July, 2010.
            Confirmation of the action taken statement on the minutes of the meeting. Thereafter agenda items of the current meeting were taken up for discussion and the gist of discussions is as follows.
Agenda items for 21st Meeting of the Postal Sports Board.

1.         Women Team in Chess event needs to be introduced. The number of women is increasing due to new recruitment and new entrants are showing interest in this game.
            The Board agreed to the proposal of introducing women team in Chess event subject to the stipulation that nomination of players will be made on merit and only those players will be nominated who have the skill of competing at the all India level. For this purpose it would be desirable to have scrutiny of players by professionals.
2.         All the players representing circle teams in All India Postal events may be allowed to travel in AC-III/AC-II Tier class irrespective of their posts as it will be boost their morale.
            The members of the Postal Sports Board were apprised that the proposal has financial implications to the tune of Rs. 40 lakhs (approximately) and it may not be feasible to meet this extra expenditure out of the present budgetary allocation. The possibility of effecting saving in the overall sports activities, in order to meet the expenditure on this proposal was also discussed but without any conclusion. On the suggestion of the staff side, it was agreed to take up the matter with the Railways for providing concession to the players travelling by train to participate in All India Postal Meets. The matter will be reviewed in the light of response received from the Railways.
3.         Provision of economic class Airfare for the winning team.
            No comments in view of item No. 2.
4.         Holding of all 14 selected events at Circle/Regional level.
            The proposal was discussed in details could not be agreed to. No action.
5.         Enhancement of TA/DA and Refreshment allowance.
            The members of the Board were explained that in the light of prevailing rate of TA/DA in case of officials on tour, it may not be possible to revise the existing rate of daily allowance being paid to the players at the rate of Rs. 150/- per day (Rs. 75/- per day in case local participants) . However the Board agreed to enhance the rate of refreshment allowance from the existing Rs. 60/- per day to Rs. 75/- per day even in case of All India Postal Meets so as to bring it on par with the refreshment allowance being paid in case of National tournaments.
6.         Players participating in the All India Postal meets who are paid sleeper class fare may also be paid local conveyance from home to Railway station and back.
            The board agreed to the proposal. The expenditure will be met out of the sports funds.
7.         As per the current FIFA rules, the strength of the Football team should be 11+7. Changes may be made in our rules to raise the strength of our circle teams for All India Postal Meets from the present 11+4 to 11+7(Eighteen).
            He Board agreed to the proposal of raising the strength of Football team to 11+7 in place of the existing 11+4, so as to bring it in line with the rules being followed by Football Federation of India.
8.         Reallocation of posts of Sports Development Officer and Sports Coach to the Circles which send the maximum number of teams for All India Tournaments, as per existing guidelines.
            The proposal was agreed to in principle. The following decisions were taken in this regard.
(i)         The posts of Sports Development Officer and Sports Coach will be relocated in a manner that no Circle will have more than one post.
(ii)        The relocation of posts which are lying unmanned as on date will be done immediately, to provide relief to the Circles which are actively participating in sports. There will be no disturbance to the existing incumbents till such time they compete their normal/extended tenure or retire on superannuation, whichever is earlier.
9.         Sanctioning and filling up the posts of Sports Inspectors in Uttarakhand for proper handling the sports activities.
            The creation of post of Sports Development Officer did not find favour with the Postal Sports Board. However the Circle will be asked to entrust the work to a responsible official, as per existing instructions.
10.       Increase in the number of players in Table Tennis Women and Veteran (Men) Teams to 4 and 2 respectively.
            The Board agreed to increase the number of Table Tennis Women players to 4. However there will be no change in so far as participation of Vereran (Men) in the tournament is concerned.
11.       Guidelines or Circle teams to participate in local league matches/tournament.
            The members of the Board were informed that the Department never issued any instructions which would disallow the team to participate in the local league matches/tournaments. As per discussions, it was decided to issue suitable instructions to Heads of Circles.
12.       Affiliation of all Postal Teams in National Federation.
            The Board Members were informed that the Department is not averse to the ides of affiliation if the Department has really competitive teams. The members of the Board were also apprised of the inability expressed by Kabaddi Federation to affiliate the team of Department of Posts. The Board decided to make another attempt with the Kabaddi Federation of India. It was also decided to try to get the Volleyball teams affiliated to the National Federation.
13.       Arranging for practice matches during the coaching camp before start of the All India Postal meets.
            The item was agreed to; to the extent it is possible and practicable.
14.       Grant of practice time for the players and treating the period of tournament/coaching camp etc. as duty.
            The members of the Board were informed that instructions of the Department of Posts were based on the general instructions issued by the Department of Personnel & Training (DOPT) which is the nodal department in this regard. It was decided to reiterate the standing instructions on the subject.
15.       Nominations of NIS Coaches duly approved by Sports Authority of India to be sent with Postal teams participating in national tournaments and All India Postal meets.
            The proposal was agreed to in principle.
16.       Revision of rate of increment for showing excellence in sports.
            The Board was informed that the new rate of increment in the wake of implementation of recommendations of 6th Central Pay Commission, in regard to persons showing excellence in sports have yet to be issued by the DOPT. Necessary action will be taken immediately after the instructions have been issued by the DOPT.
17.       Players should be sent for participation in all State/National sports events so that they can improve their skill and bring laurels to the Department.
            The Board was informed that the Department is quite liberal in sending players for participation in States/National sports events, provided the proposal is received in time and the Department has a team which can be nominated for participation at that level.
18.       Extend the tenure period of Sports Development Officer and Sports Coaches to 6 years instead of existing 3 years.
            It was decided to examine the proposal in the light of existing instructions of DoP&T and take a final view with the approval of Chairperson Postal Sports Board.
18(ii)    The official recruited under the sports quota should be exempted from deputation and tenure transfer as it adversely affects the performance of the players.
            .The proposal was not agreed to. However, the Board was apprised of the instructions issued by the Department in the matter of giving due opportunity to the players recruited under sports quota so as to improve their performance.
19. Outstanding sports persons recruited against sports quota in different circles may be allowed to undergo their training locally instead of at Postal Training Centre.
            The Chairperson explained that the officials appointed against sports quota basically belong to Department of Posts and it is the responsibility of the Department to make their work foundation strong. It is in this background that training in the Postal Training Centre is imparted for all, including sports persons.
20.       Recruitment of sports quota so as to enable the Circle to form its own team.
            The above item was taken up with particular reference to the Circles which are small and where the recruitment under sports quota does not enable them to form its own team. In this context, the possibility of clubbing the Circle with some other Circle for the purpose in participation in All India Postal sports meet was discussed. The Chairperson decided to deal with the issue and issue suitable instructions at the Department level.
21.       Provision of sports club, gym, common room in all the Circles.
            Members of the Board were advised to teke up the matter at the Circle level.
22.       Provision of auditorium in the vacant land of Postal colonies.
            The item did not find favour with the vacant land Sports Board.
23.       Provision of medical facilities to players during plays/practice.
            The proposal was agreed to. Suitable instructions will be issued to all concerned.
24.       Increase in Kit allowance for All India Postal Tournaments.
            It was agreed to increase the Kit allowance in case of players participating in the National Tournaments from the existing Rs. 750/- to Rs. 1500/-.
25.       Supply of good quality sports track suit with Departmental Logo from the Postal Sports Board centrally.
            The proposal did not find favour with the Postal Sports Board.
26.       Nomination of Coaches for Circle Team.
            The proposal is to give preference to international players of the particular discipline in the matter of nomination of coaches and was agreed to.
27.(a) Rolling Trophies.
            In the interest of uniformity the proposal is that in case of All India tournaments Trophies may be supplied by the Directorate.
            The Board did not approve  the proposal.
27(b)   Institution of Rolling Trophies for the Winners and Runner up teams instead of shields, in all India Postal Tournaments.
            The proposal was agreed to.
28.       Promotion of GDS to Group ‘D’ and ‘C’.
            The members of the Board were informed that there was no provision for promotion of GDSs to Group ‘D’ and ‘C’ under sports quota, GDSs have to compete with the outsiders in the form of open competition.
29.       Formation of India Post Team in disciplines like Volleyball, Hockey, Football and Carrom.
            This will be examined keeping in view the strength of the players working in various Circles in the Department of Posts. For this purpose, required input will be asked for from the Circles.
30.       Recruitment under sports quota in the discipline of Hockey and Football.
            The Board felt that in the matter of recruitment under sports quota in various disciplines, it is for the Circles to take a final view.
31.       Introduction of Women Veterans in All India Postal Badminton and Table Tennis tournaments.
            The proposal did not find favour with the Postal Sports Board.
32.       Payment of Kit Allowance to Artists participating in All India Postal Cultural Meet.
            The Board decided to grant Kit Allowance of Rs. 500/- to the artists participating in the cultural events. This allowance is to meet expenditure on costumes etc.which the artists are required to wear during performance.
33.       Grant of prize money to players and artists securing first, second and third positions in the Postal meets.
            The Board opined that the issue falls within the purview of Circles and may be taken up at that level. However, there is no scope to release any grant for the purpose, out of the Central Sports Fund.
34.       Treat the players as on duty for participation in All India Postal Tournaments as well as in camp.
            The proposal was agreed to as it is as per existing instructions issued by the DOP&T.
35.       Uniformity in awarding prizes to the winners/runners of All India Events.
            The subject matter falls within the purview of Circle office and, therefore, the Board decided not to intervene in the matter.
36. Action may be taken for filling up of the vacant post of Sports Coach/Sports Inspector in Odisha Circle.
            Necessary action will be taken in the light of action that becomes due in regard to the proposal at serial number 8.
37.       Funds under Sports head may be allotted much earlier for proper utilization of money in time.
            Members of the Board were informed that any delay in allotment of funds occurs due to late receipt of audited accounts of previous year from the Circles, which is mandatory for release of funds for the subsequent year. In order to avoid hardship to the Circles which send the audited accounts in time, it has been decided to process their cases in the first phase so as to release funds to these Circles by mid July. The issue of release of funds to Circles which are late in submission of audit accounts will be taken up separately.
38.       All teams irrespective of events may be allowed to participate in All India Tournament/Meet without fail.
            The proposal did not find favour with the Members of the Board as it is very important that the team participating in the All India event has adequate level of performance.
39.       The Circles organizing All India Meet may also make arrangements for site-seeing and get-together program.
            Does not merit any consideration. However get-together programme is generally there. No further action is required.
40.       Instructions may be reiterated to the Circles to ensure that good accommodation as per the guidelines circulated by Directorate is provided for Manager/Coach and teams during the All India events, with special attention to the safety of women, children participants.
            It was decided to reiterate the instructions.
41.       Circulation of booklet of guideline and update ruling in c/w All India Postal Tournaments /events.
            Needful has been done. The participants were supplied copy of the compendium containing guidelines of welfare and sports.
42.       Streamline of Sports Quota vacancies. Request for circulation of guidelines for filling up of sports quota vacancies.
            The instructions are available on DOP&T website www.persmin.nic.in. No further action is required.
43.       The strength of the shuttle team is at present only 4. Now the Veterans doubles are conducted by forming teams from different circles. In order to enable better team participation in singles and doubles the strength of the team be increased to 5 members with provision for two Veterans.
            The proposal did not find favour with the Members of the Board.
44.       ‘Mohiniattam’ a dance form for Kerala may also be included in the all India Cultural meet in future.
            The proposal did not find favour with the Members of the Board, as no State is having more than one Dance form in All India Postal Cultural Meets.
45.       The national records with Departmental records and current achievements of sports events may be consolidated at National level and circulated with an intention that it reaches every sportsman and sports lover at grass root level. This will help our sportspersons for self assessment and become more aware of their position and to strive harder to scale up.
            The Members of the Board were informed that the Departmental records will be circulated and will also be displayed on the Department’s web-site. National records may be seen on the inter net.
46.       Provision of 15 days coaching camps and 2 hours daily off to be strictly observed so that players get adequate time for practice.
            The Board was apprised that instructions regarding 2 hours off to players who actually practice are issued from time to time and the last reiteration of the instructions was done on 25.07.2011. The Chairperson directed to reiterate the instructions was done on 25.07.2011. The Chairperson directed to reiterate the instructions once more. As regards 15 days coaching time, the Board was informed that this item was earlier considered in 2008 and it was decided to maintain the coaching period of 7 days for participation in the National Tournaments.
47.       Appointments under Sports Quota.
            Issue of suitable instructions to the Circles to have field trials for making appointment against sports quota.
            The Board was informed that the existing instructions on the subject issued by the DOPT are silent on the subject of conducting trials, though the instructions issued by Indian Audit and Accounts Department provide for it. It was decided to have detailed examination of the matter before taking a final view.
The meeting ended with a Vote of thanks to the Chair.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

D.G. Posts No. 1-01/2009-WL/Sports         Dated 11.06.2012
            A meeting of Postal Services Staff Welfare Board(PSSWB) was held on 16.05.2012 in Shri G.P. Roy Committee Room , Dak Bhawan, under the Chairmanship of Hon`ble Minister of State for Communications & IT.
            Secretary (Posts) , while welcoming the Hon`ble Chairman, explained in brief the various welfare schemes being run by the Department of Posts, with special reference to the initiatives recently taken in regard to Garmin  Dak Sevaks. It was assured that the schemes would be run more efficiently under the guidance of the Chairman.
            After the Minutes of the Meeting of the Board and the action report thereon, was confirmed by the Board, discussion on the agenda items began. During the deliberations of the meeting, the following decisions were taken:
1.         Opening of Holiday Homes.
            The members of the Board were explained that the power to set up holiday homes stands delegated to the Heads of Circles. However, the proposal to have Holiday Homes at various places was discussed and it was decided to issue instructions to all the circles to take action keeping in view the demand as also the powers delegated. In regard to booking of holiday homes on line, the Board was informed that this facility would become available shortly.  
2.         Timely allotment of Welfare Funds.
            The Board was explained that whatever delay occurred in allotment of funds in the recent past was due to late receipt of audited accounts from the Circles. The matter has been re-considered and it has been decided to ensure timely release of funds to those Circles whose audited accounts have been received in time. The Circles which delay submission of accounts will be released funds in the second installment.
3.         Enhancement of powers of head of circle for grant of financial assistance in case of prolonged illness/major surgical operations to postal employees/Gramin Dak Sewaks/full time and part time casual lbourers.
            The following decisions were taking in this regard.
-       In case of Gramin Dak Sewaks, the limit of Rs. 5000/- which is being observed for grant of financial assistance for prolonged illness/ major surgical operations was raised to 10000/-.
-       All cases for grant for financial assistance under category (both regular employees as well as GDSs)will be considered by a committee comprising of the CPMG, DPS and DAP..
4.         Enhancement of immediate death relief of the family / dependents on the death of postal employees and Gramin Dak Sewaks/full time and part time casual labourers.
      -     All other things remaining unchanged, it was decided to raise the amount of financial assistance payable to family/dependents of Postal Employees/GDSs /full time and part time casual labourers from the existing Rs.7000/- to Rs. 10000/- in case of death due to accident while on duty.
5.         Enhancement of financial assistance under Education Scheme:
            The following decisions were taken in this regard.
a)         It was decided to increase the existing amount of scholarships both for technical and non-technical courses by 25%.
b)         It was agreed to increase the mount of book award to Gramin Dak Sevaks by 25%. However, the grant of book award to regular employees of he Department was dropped as this facility is now a component under CEA being granted for school education.
            The issue of revision of pay ceiling for grant of Scholarship was also decided to be examined in the context of MTS where both husband and wife are working.

6.         Introduction of scholarship for Post Graduation.
            -           It was decided to grant scholarship for all technical courses at Post Graduation      level on par with under graduate courses.
7.         Grant of award for outstanding performance of children of employees in the Public Examination for 10th Standard.
            -           The Board was informed that some of the education boards follow grading System in place of percentage of marks. Therefore, it was decided to examine the       issue   in         the light of grade criterion fixed by various education boards, for which all Heads         of         Circles will be addressed.
8.         Provision of Canteen in Circle Head Quarter.
            -           The Board was explained that there are centralized instruction of the            Department    of             Personnel and Training regarding provision of various             categories of canteens,        depending upon manpower of an office. All    infrastructural facilities are provided by the         Department in the running of      canteens and its employees are Departmental employees.        There is no    provision to grant any subsidy in this regard.
9.         Implementation of health insurance scheme.
            -           The proposal does not fall within the purview of PSSWB of Department of   Posts and therefore no action is warranted.
10.       To increase the subscription of Group Insurance Scheme.
            -           The subject matter concerns Ministry of Finance.
11.       Increase in subsidy to crèche.
            -           It was decided to examine the issue regarding revision of financial assistance            being provided for meeting recurring and non-recurring expenditure in the matter of        crèches which includes monthly remuneration to ayahs/helpers, visits by Doctors,          remuneration to lady supervisor, expenditure of medicine, supplementary nutrition and    contingencies like soap oil & deodorant etc.
12        .Increase of grant of scholarship/Transport charges to handicapped/physically challenged and ward of Postal employees and GDS.
            -           It was decided to examine the revision of financial assistance being provided to         physically challenged Postal Employees/GDS and physically challenged wards of          employees, including GDS.
13.       Allocation of Funds under the Head SC-Sub Plan & ST-Sub Plan.
            -           The item does not fall within the purview of PSSWB.
14.       To make provision for including representatives of All India P&T SC/ST Welfare Association in all Circle Welfare Board and Circle Sports Board.
            -           It was agreed to issue suitable instructions in this regard to all Heads of Circles.
15.       To make provision of IQ for Circle/Divisional representatives of P&T SC/ST Welfare Association, irrespective of any scale/Posts.
-           The Bard was explained that provision of IQ in not one of the trade union facilities where office bearers of the association could be given preference. The eligibility for the IQ is to be decided as per standing instructions.
16.       To increase Postal Hospital as there is no facility in CGHS Dispensaries for indoor treatment, OPD in evening shift on working days and Sundays/Holidays.
            -           The Board appreciated the view point of the Circle representatives about lack of         adequate             medical facilities being made available to the Postal Employees. The Board   was informed   that this matter also came up for consideration in the 10th Meeting of the    Board and as a             result thereof, the matter was taken up at the level of Hon`ble      Minister with the Ministry of     Health & Family Welfare. The matter is being pursued and             monitored very closely.
17.       To fix time limit for deciding representation/appeals/petitions/Review Petitions etc. by the concerned Authorities.
            -           Does not fall within the purview of PSSWB.
18.       To make provision for granting festival advance on the Birth day Celebration of Dr. Br. Ambedkar and Sant Siromani Guru Ravidas Ji.
            -           Does not fall within the purview of PSSWB.
19.       To exempt from duty work the retirees on the day of retirement so that he/she may complete all formalities without any tension.
            -           Does not fall within the purview of PSSWB
20.       Issue of Plastic Card/Smart Card to all employees /Pensioners for availing medical facilities irrespective of places/areas.
            -           The Chairman appreciated the suggestion and it was decided to start it in one or        two Circles and based on their experience, it may be followed in other Circles also. The          selection of circles will be finalized soon.
21.       Opening of Postal Dispensary at Madurai or extension of CGHS scheme to Postal Staff at Madurai Corporation.
            -           Does not fall within the purview of PSSWB.
22.       Grant in aid to P&T Residential Welfare Association (RWA).
            -           The issue was discussed at length to understand the activities of the RWAs on           which the amount of financial assistance is to be spent. The Heads of Circles will be      addressed to invite their comments in this regard.
23.       Annual Medical check up for those who are above 45 years of age.
            -           It was decided to have annual medical cheek up of employees of and above the         age of 50 years. Suitable instructions in this regard will be issued to All Heads of Circles.
24.       Sanction of loan from Circle/Regional Welfare Fund for purchase of a computer to the wards of the employees studying Degree/Engineering /Polytechnic etc.
            -           Does not fall within the purview of PSSWB
25.       Increase of voluntary contribution to Circle Welfare Fund.
            -           The members of the Board were explained that being voluntary contribution, it may   not       be desirable for the Department to make it mandatory, to contribute towards this    fund.    However, if the representatives of the union give in writing to the Department           conveying        willingness of their members, the issue would be examined.
26.       Enhancement of cost of memento presented to the retiring officials.
            -           Not covered under any of the Welfare Scheme of the Department, and hence no          action.
27.       For all Postal Colonies constitution and membership of RWAs should make compulsory so that P&T Colonies could be managed well.
            -           The item was well taken by the Board and it was decided o issue suitable       instructions to All Heads of Circles, taking into account the step taken by Rajasthan          Circle in this regard. It was also decided to ensure membership of RWAs while issuing     letters regarding allotment of quarters as also their continuation.
28.       Raising of the present limit for 500 KMS for Excursion Trip.
            -           The Board, after deliberations, agreed to raise the limit existing 500 Kms. to 700         Kms. for Excursion Trip. Further, not more than one Excursion Trip will be arranged in a             year.

            In the summing up of the meeting, the Hon`ble Chairman stressed on the need to hold the meeting of the PSSWB at least once in a year. The need to have full utilization of the grant-in-aid for the benefit of the employees/GDSs was also highlighted by the Chairman with clear direction to the Board to submit a complete proposal towards that during the next 3 to 4 months.

            The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the Chair.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Com.K.RAGHAVENDRAN (Working President, CCGE&W)
Com.KV.SREEDHARAN (General Secretary, AIPEU Gr.C)
Venue: Sri Katalamma Devasthanam, Chennur
(5km from Gudur Railway Station/ 6km fromRTC Bus complex)
            All the All India leaders in A.P Circle, All Circle Secretaries, Circle Office bearers, Divisional / Branch Secretaries, Members of NFPE affiliated Unions of A.P Circle are invited to the Convention

            The all India tour decided by the National Executive to campaign the 14 Point charter of demands of Confederation and to mobilize for the march to parliament on 26th July 2012 picked up momemtum with the campaign tour commencing on 5.6.2012 in Kerala and Maharashtra . Three meetings were organised in Kerala Circle viz., Thiruananthapuram on 5th; Ernakulam on 6th and Calicut on 7th June. On the same dates in Maharashtra State also the tour was undertaken in Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur in which the Secretary General of Confederation comrade KKN Kutty and other leaders participated.
            Comrades K.Ragavendran [Working President Confederation]; K.P.Rajagopal [Secretary General ITEF]; and Sreekumar [Additional Secretary General Audit] representing the Headquarters addressed in all the three meetings and explained the Charter of Demands and the importance of the Programme of Action including March to Parliament and the one-day Strike Action to be announced during the march to Parliament. Many leaders of Kerala also addressed these meetings including the leaders of many Affiliates of Confederation as well as the Pensioners Association and AIDEF.
            On behalf of Kerala State Committee, it was announced in the meeting that on June 14th conventions at all District levels are being organised and after the March to Parliament a grand Jatha commencing from Kasargod and ending in Thiruvananthapuram covering the entire Kerala State will be launched. Large number of mobilisation to Delhi march to Parliament is being planned from Kerala and quota for each District has been allotted by the State Committee.