Wednesday, June 28, 2023

NCCPA March to Parliament

 NCCPA March to Parliament


# Number of Pensioners to attend from Affiliates are already intimated. Please ensure the number. Please all Affiliates are requested to make their own arrangements for stay at Delhi.

# Neighbouring States of Delhi like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand are requested to bring more comrades to the rally on 21.07.2023 at 12 P.M to 3 P.M and arrange for their safe return on the same day. 

# Delhi being the venue for March to Parliament, Delhi leaders are requested to mobilize more Pensioners of Delhi to the rally on 21,07.2023.

# Bring your banners of affiliates and flags and make the rally colourful.

# Service Associations and Unions are requested to participate as Delhi is their capital and the demand number 1 is for abolishing NPS. 

# N-JCA may postpone the March to Parliament by a week or so; but the NCCPA National Executive has decided to go ahead with our submission of memorandum to the Prime Minister of India on 21.07.2023 containing 15 Point Charter of Demands of Pensioners with Number 1 demand against NPS, after the rally. So, there is no question of any postponement – come to Delhi as planned. 

# We are inviting leaders of left Trade Unions – NJCA - Confederation to address our rally on 21.07.2023. 

# Please attend to prove that Pensioners are second to none in observing the Programme of action.


Saturday, June 17, 2023

21st Death Anniversary of Com. K. Adinarayan

    21st Death Anniversary of Com. K. Adinarayan celebrated on 17-06-2023 at All India Postal Employees Union Postmen and MTS, CHQrs, New Delhi. 

The following comrades were participated in the programme and elaborately discussed about their experiences with Com. Adinarayan.

1.     Com. Janardhan Majumdar, Secretary General, NFPE

2.     Com. Giriraj, Ex. General Secretary, R-III, Delhi

3.     Com. D.B. Mohanty, General Secretary, AIPEU Postmen and MTS

4.     Com. I.S. Dabas, Ex. General Secretary, AIPEU Postmen and MTS

5.     Com. Subash Chand, Circle Secretary, Delhi Circle

6.     Com. Jai Prakash Sharma, Ex. Circle President, Delhi

7.     Com. Rajkumar, Ex. Financial Secretary General, NFPE

8.     Com. Deep Chand, Ex. Circle Secretary, R-III, Delhi

9.     Com. J.C. Mehra, Ex. Divisional Secretary, New Delhi Central Dn., New Delhi

10. Com. Kapoor Singh Tokas, Ex. Divisional Secretary, Delhi North Dn. Delhi

11. Com. Kaptan Singh, Treasurer, AIPEU Postmen and MTS CHQ

12. Com. Babu Ram, Ex. Branch Secretary, P-IV, IPHO, New Delhi

13. Com. Gyan Chand, Branch Secretary, P-IV IPHO, New Delhi

14. Com. Jai Bhagwan Mehra, Ex. Asstt. Secretary P-IV,

15. Com. B.S. Sharma, Ex. Asstt. Secretary, P-III

16. Com. Satpal (Bhagat Ji)

17. Com. Bijender Singh, Divisional Secretary NDGPO

18. Com. Vinod Kumar, Vice Chairman Ambala Bank

19. Com. Babu Lal,

20. Com. Rambir Singh, Vice President P-IV, Delhi Circle

21. Com. Naveen Mehra


Com. Giriraj Singh presided over the function and Com. D.B. Mohanty given vote of thanks.