Friday, December 29, 2023

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It is reported that Sudhir Kumar Singh Ex-Treasure bereaved.

Kanchan Singh wife of Com Sudhir Singh ex treasurer AIPEU P4 CHQ expired on 24th December 2023. This CHQ pay homage to departed soul of Smt Singh. We pay our respectful homage and condolences to the bereaved family members.

General Secretary CHQ

Wednesday, December 13, 2023


5th All India Conference at Maharashtra Bhavan, Chennai


Comrade KKN Kutty 1st Anniversary!

 Comrade KKN Kutty 1st Anniversary!

    It was on this day last year that we have lost our leader Comrade KKN Kutty. Started his trade union career in Chennai Income Tax Office and associated in the activities of Confederation Tamil Nadu in the beginning had rose to the apex level and started leading the entirety of Central Government Employees and later the Pensioners movement in the country. I was in a way close to him for the past 40 years and during the period of my tenures as the Secretary of NFPE and later the Secretary General of NFPE, I had the opportunity to move with him very closely. He was Secretary to Confederation and Comrade S.K.Vyas was the Secretary General of Confederation at that time. Slowly due to his work over the years he was an established leader and became the Secretary General of Confederation and Comrade Vyas as the Chairman of the Confederation.  Associated with the JCM National Council and the Standing Committee as the leader of Income Tax employees and moved with NCCPA President Comrade Shiva Gopal Mishra (Staff Side Secretary) and used to associate in all issues of all Departments and contributed with Comrade Vyas in making the Pay Commission Memorandum also and submit it for Staff Side to improve it. 

    His association with international working class movement was also spectacular, He attended all meetings of WFTU and TUI(Public Services) as well as later with the TUI(P&R) at Kathamandu (Nepal) and Bokota (Columbia). I had the opportunity to go to Brazil (South Americal) to the meeting of TUI(Public Services) along with him and attended with him both Kathmandu 1st Regional Conference of TUI(P&R) and Bokota Pensioners World Conferences where Comrade KKN Kuttu played his major role. 

    He used to be very friendly and sharp to all the problems of all CG Departments and Pensioners. He was Socialistic in life and toiled with class-consciousness for the class. We have lost a invaluable leader of our movement. The Photo above depicts his photo along with me taken during our voyage to Bokota World Congress of Pensioners and Retirees. It is not at all possible to bridge the vacuum caused by his absence. Let us pledge to follow his foot steps and work for the emancipation of our class. – KR SG NCCPA

Railway withdraws cashless healthcare scheme for staff


Directorate D.O. 11th December 2023


NFPE Circular dated 13-12-2023


AIPEU GDS Strike letter dated 13-12-2023