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Recruitment Rules

Guidelines for Educational Qualifications and Experience for framing/ amendment of Recruitment Rules.


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P-IV CHQ Congratulates the Newly Wedded Couple
P. Sravanthi (D/o of P. Suresh G/S R-IV NFPE
J. Shrikant on 23-1-2015 at Secondrabad 

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United States Postal Service hits hard times

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After 200 years of daily deliveries, the United States Postal Service has fallen on tough times. 
The full impact of the organization’s difficulties has yet to reach the Lower Valley, but slower delivery times are looming as further cuts are made.
United States Postal Service profits have been declining for more than a decade, mostly due to internet communications taking the place of First-Class Mail, once the main source of postal income.
Unique in the world of business and government, the United State Postal Service is funded entirely by its own profits and not through taxes, yet is required to serve all customers in the country, regardless of location.
In addition, the Postal Service is overseen by the U.S. Congress, which in 2006 required the organization to pre-fund all its retirement obligations within 10 years. For the past three years the Postal Service has been unable to meet the $5.5 billion annual payments to the retirement fund, defaulting instead.
Due to the organization’s shaky financial situation, the Postmaster General has made cuts to service, starting with the 2012 closing of 150 out of nearly 500 mail processing plants across the country.
Though there were talks of closing the mail processing center in Yakima, it avoided that fate. According to Sunnyside Postmaster Isidro Rodriguez, there are no plans to do so now following the recent closure of the Pasco center.
Rodriguez says mail from Grandview and Sunnyside and points west are all processed in Yakima, while Prosser and points east are now served by the Spokane center.
Rodriguez, who was hired as interim postmaster last June before being named to the post on a permanent basis last fall, says the Sunnyside Post Office is feeling impacts of other cutbacks.
With the Outlook Post Office not having a postmaster, a postal worker from Sunnyside has been filling in at that post.
Besides an Outlook route, Sunnyside also has four other rural routes.
“We have a skeleton crew right now,” Rodriguez says. “We’re trying to manage our hours.”
Because of stretching to help cover Outlook, the Sunnyside Post Office is looking to hire two part-time workers – one for mail distribution and to be a carrier.
Grandview Postmaster Steve Barrientes said he doesn’t anticipate any layoffs with the changes being made this year.
“There is a lot of shuffling underway to prevent layoffs in the region,” he said.
Postal service in Grandview is not being impacted by the closures of processing facilities, but Prosser, Barrientes said, has been impacted by the closure of the Pasco processing plant.
For Grandview postal service patrons, Barrientes says there is nothing to worry about. Regarding slower first-class and periodical mailings, Barrientes said, “Grandview customers will continue to receive their mail as they have been.”
But changes are coming. The organization is currently bleeding money, a situation that would not be fixed even if the retirement pre-funding requirements were removed. As a result of cuts to staff, service has slowed down on a lot of rural routes, and the Postal Service itself has relaxed the standards for First-Class Mail.
According to the United States Postal Service, standards were changed this month, affecting roughly 14 billion pieces of the total volume of mail, about 9 percent, and up to 16 percent of First-Class Mail. The average delivery time for mail went from 1.8 days to 2.1 days, which means an extra day for customers on rural routes or who do not live near a processing plant.
Changes in rural delivery are a major concern for U.S. Postal Service customers like Brenda Tatum-Carlson of Granger, who relies on the daily delivery at her home.
“We order our prescriptions on-line,” said Tatum-Carlson, “but depend on the post office to get items to our house.”
If, in the future, the U.S. Postal Service was to decide to close either the Granger or Zillah offices, due to budget constraints, Tatum-Carlson said she would be forced to drive 20-miles to pick up her mail and medications in Toppenish. “It would be a really bad situation for me,” she added.
Fewer days of mail delivery could prove a real challenge for area senior citizens, according to Gloria Alexander, president of the Sunnyside Senior Citizen Group.
Her concern is for those senior citizens who are too afraid to use computers for on-line banking and bill paying.
“Many of us don’t ‘do’ computers. So not getting regular delivery of our mail would prove to be a real hardship,” said Alexander.
A reduction in daily and Saturday home delivery would cause problems for other seniors with disabilities and who actually depend on the mailman for daily contact. For example, Cherry Fairbanks Morse said her mailman often delivers packages right to the door.
“He knows I have a disability and my husband is ill,” she explained. “Sometimes if he doesn’t see any movement at our house, he rings the doorbell just to check on us,” Fairbanks Morse said.
“I don’t think the U.S. Postal Service cares about things like that, but I would really miss my daily service if it were curtailed.”
Fairbanks Morse said having to travel downtown to pick up her mail would be an extreme hardship. “I wouldn’t be able to go every day,” she added.
Daily rural mail delivery of items such as the local daily newspaper would also be a hardship for rural mail customers, according to Yolanda Bickett of Sunnyside.
“My neighbor gets the paper in the mail a day late already,” Bickett said. “She gets all her items through the mail, including her meds. It would be an issue for her if rural delivery was cut. And for my family as well, because she shares the newspaper with us.”
The Postal Service has been discussing the possibility of closing more processing plants and reducing its staff even further to save costs. In addition, other options, such as cutting Saturday service, are on the table.
In the meantime, the Postal Service is looking at a potential rate increase this year, for almost every service except First-Class letters. Those will remain at 49 cents even if the rate increase goes through.

Source : http://www.dailysunnews.com

India Post honours Mumbai's dabbawala

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India Post released a commemorative special cover on Mumbai’s dabbawalas on Friday in recognition of their service — delivering fresh, home-cooked food to office-goers across Maximum City with precision. 
Maharashtra Transport Commissioner Mahesh Zagade released the cover at the General Post Office here during a three-day philately exhibition, Mumbaipex 2015, which showcases shared heritage and culture.

Nearly 5,000 dabbawalas operate across Mumbai, delivering food to their customers on time using a unique identity code to sort the nearly two lakh lunchboxes.

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Maharastra Circle ( Maharastra and Goa State ) issued notification for recruitment for the Post of Postman / Mail Guard/MTS cadre.

To know available vacancy, Rules and Regulation log on www.dopmah.in from 24.01.2015 at 1600hrs.

The last date for submission the online form is 18.02.2015 at 23.59hrs.

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Friday, January 23, 2015



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Election Holidays 2015 – Closing of Central Government Offices in connection with general elections to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi, 2015: DoPT Order.

F. No. 12/7/2014-JCA2
Government of India,
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)
North Block, New Delhi
Dated the 19th January, 2015


Closing of Central Government Offices in connection with general elections to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi, 2015.

The undersigned is directed to say that in connection with the general election to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi, to be held on 7th February, 2015, the following guidelines, already issued by DOPT vide OM No. 12/ 14/99-JCA dated 1oth October 2001, have to be followed for closing of the Central Government Offices including Industrial Establishments in NCT of Delhi.

(i) The relevant offices / organizations shall remain closed in the notified areas where general elections to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi, scheduled to be conducted.

(ii) In connection with bye-elections to State Assembly, only such of the employees who are bonafide voters in the relevant constituency should be granted special casual leave on the day of polling. Special Casual leave may also be granted to an employee who is ordinarily a resident of constituency and registered as a voter but employed in any Central Government Organization/Industrial Establishment located outside the constituency having a general/bye-election.

2.         The above instructions may be brought to the notice of all concerned.

(K. Kipgen)
Director (JCA)
Source document: www.persmin.gov.in

SB Order 02/2015: Introduction of new scheme "Sukanya Samriddhi Account" under Small Savings Scheme from 22.01.2015.
Sukanya Samruddhi Account

Under the scheme, the account can be opened from the birth of the girl child till she attains the age of 10. A girl child who attained the age of 10 years, one year prior to notification, will also be eligible. The account can be opened by an amount of Rs 1,000 and in a financial year investment ceiling is Rs 1.5 lakh. The child can close the account earliest at the age of 21 years with option of keeping the account till marriage.

For the current financial year, this would work out to 9.1%. For the sake of simplicity, the manner of interest calculation would be similar to public provident fund (PPF).

Click here to view Dte. Notification

Guidelines for Educational Qualifications and Experience for framing/ amendment of Recruitment Rules CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


The 2nd All India Conference of AIPEU-GDS (NFPE) will be held at Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) on 19th & 20th September 2015. All Circle Unions are requested to complete formation of Divisional Unions in all circles and send Delegates to the conference. Please remit Quota to GDS CHQ also.

P. Pandurangarao
General Secretary
Dada Ghosh Bhawan,
2151/1, New Patel Road
New Delhi – 110008
Ph: 09717768785, 09849466595
E-mail: aipeugdsnfpe@gmail.com 

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New Delhi: Labour Ministry plans to issue a single smartcard for formal sector workers to help them avail of a host of benefits under different social security schemes such as pension, provident fund and health insurance.
The ministry will seed employees' details such as Universal PF Account Number (UAN), Employees State Insurance, Aadhaar, PAN, bank account numbers as also the IFSC codes of the bank branches, with the smartcard that will benefit employees.
"The Labour Ministry has worked out a scheme to provide a single smartcard for availing various benefits of social security schemes available for the organised sector workers," a senior Labour Ministry official said.
This card will be used as a tool to verify identity, age, address, bank account and dependents for providing benefits to those workers and their dependents under various social security schemes run by the government through its agencies and bodies like Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) and Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), he added.
He further said the scheme would be rolled out after all UANs issued by the EPFO get operationalised and stabilisation of the database.
EPFO had issued over four crore UANs to its subscribers and started seeding these portable PF account numb
ers with the various know-your-customer details like bank account, PAN and Aadhaar in July last year.
At present, out of the 4.26 crore UANs issued as many as 31,41,173 PF accounts were activated by the subscribers. For activating the UAN, the EPFO subscriber has to log into his account on the web portal after KYC details are verified.
A senior EPFO official said that though over 1.7 crore subscribers' KYC detail is verified, a large number of accounts are
not activated because many members are not that tech savvy.
In the present scenario, EPFO does not issue any card or passbook to its subscribers. But they can login into their PF
accounts online and can take print out of the statement.
The ESIC, which has a subscriber base of over 1.8 crore, issues smartcards to formal sector workers for availing health
insurance benefits under the scheme run by it.
The Labour Ministry official said that with seeding of different data of subscribers of social security schemes together into a single chip, the ministry will be able to use it for providing benefits such as pension, PF and deposit linked insurance.

He said it will take at least one year to make the new smart card a reality as all depends on stabilisation of UAN database.
 India News Desk

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Central Headquarters
1st floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001.
No.Conf/Meeting/2015                                                        19-01-2015
        It is hereby notified that the extended National Secretariat meeting of the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers will be held at Confederation Headquarters (1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office building) New Delhi-110 001 on 17th February, 2015, Tuesday.  The meeting shall commence at 10.30 AM on 17-02-2015 and continue till close.  All National Secretariat members (CHQ Office Bearers) and State C-O-C General Secretaries are requested to attend the meetingwithout fail.  The following shall be the agenda of the meeting.
1.      Organisational Review
2.      All India Trade Union Workshop held at Bangalore - Review
3.      Implementation of decision of the National Joint Council of Action (National Council JCM Staff side)
          a)      Review of the 11th December National Convention.
          b)      Implementation of the decisions of NJCA dated 11-12-2014 & 11-01-2015.
          c)      Fixing of quota to all affiliates of Confederation and COCs for participation in the 28th April 2015 Parliament March of Central Govt. Employees.
4.      Financial Review and remittance of arrears of quota by affiliates.
5.      All India Workshop of Women Employees of Confederation - Fixing venue and dates.
6.      Any other item with permission of the chair.
                                                                                                Yours fraternally,
                                                                                                      M. Krishnan,
Secretary General.


VAN.Namboodiri President AIBDPA inaugurating the CMC

As notified the 1st meeting of the Central Managing Committee (CMC) was held at the M.P Club, North Avenue, New Delhi 110001 on 17-01-2015 under the Presidentship of CHQ President Comrade D.K.Rahate. Comrade Rajender Prasad Verma (CHQ Organising General Secretary & the Chairman of the Reception Committee) formally delivered the welcome address. Despite the cold weather and late running of trains Office Bearers and State General  Secretaries representing Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Delhiattended the CMC.

The CMC was inaugurated by Comrade VAN.Namboodiri (President of All India BSNL DOT Pensioners Association) and his speech elaborated on the growing international unity of Pensioners and Senior Citizens since the international conference of TUI at Barcelona (Spain) and the problems faced by the pensioners in the background of new political climate. He traced the history of social security in the world and how that rights are being taken away in the background of fall of socialism and growth of neo-liberalism. He also informed the Asia Pacific regional meeting of TUI Pensioners & Senior Citizens will be hosted by AIBDPA in New Delhi shortly.

Comrade S.K.Vyas (Secretary General NCCPA) addressed the CMC and in detail narrated the pensioners demands before the 7th CPC and pointed out that the issues of pensioners are linked with the issues of CG Employees like DA Merger, Interim Relief etc. He touched the issue of bringing GDS under the 7th CPC ambit and the justification of Parity in Pension as recommended by the Mathew Commission. He advised us to start an educative campaign among all Postal Pensioners about the pensioners demands and the attitude of the Government that is denying them. He emphasized about formation of departmental  level Pensioners Organisations like the BSNL DOT Pensioners Association, the AIPRPA etc being a scientific approach and said that as like the Confederation of CG Employees the pensioners movement also will be strengthened by the strengthening of all departmental level pensioners organisations coming under a united banner like BCPC / NCCPA. He explained about the importance of Nagpur All Pensioners National  Convention on 15-02-2015 and said that convention will finalise the Pensioners Charter and the path to be followed unitedly by all Pensioners Organisations.

Comrade R.Seethalakshmi General Secretary of P4 NFPE addressed the CMC and highlighted the need to take  up the issues of GDS under SDBI scheme and about the inordinate delay in settlement of retirement benefits to GDS Promotees and the need to bring in more women pensioners to the managing committees of AIPRPA at all levels. She assured total support in building the AIPRPA.

Comrade N.Subramanian General Secretary of P3 NFPE praised the preparation of the Memorandum to 7th CPC by AIPRPA and explained the taking up the problem of non-inclusion of postal pensioners in CGHS after retirement in the Postal Departmental Council JCM meeting recently held. He suggested taking up several issues of Postal Pensioners on the lines of benefits extended to Railways Pensioners etc by the respective departments and assured all cooperation and support of P3 organisation in building the AIPRPA.

Comrade K.P.Singh AGS R3 NFPE addressed the CMC and assured all support to the AIPRPA on  behalf of his organisation.

The subjects committee approved the Agenda as circulated by the CHQ and a written report by the General Secretary was submitted for the consideration of the CMC.Comrade K.Ragavendran General Secretary initiated discussion on the agenda items and focussed on the issues of pensioners in general and the Postal Pensioners in particular and stressed the need to strengthen the AIPRPA at all states and this could not be done without total interaction with the NFPE leadership at all levels. As a follow up to the joint appeal by the SG NFPE and GS AIPRPA, the issue will be discussed with NFPE and a way to organise a discussion between the Circle Secretaries of NFPE and the AIPRPA leaders will be evolved. All CHQ Office Bearers and State General Secretaries of AIPRPA will have to take initiative to sit with the Circle Secretaries of NFPE unions and focus on formation of AIPRPA in those states where no formation has taken place so far. He also presented that the experience of both 17th December Pensioners Day programme and the 12th January FMA demonstrations and said that our membership participated with full enthusiasm in these programmes of CHQ and therefore we can organise a Programme of Action on our Sectional Demands in addition to any Programme of Action finalised by the BCPC National Convention at Nagpur. He explained about the need to release a journal for CHQ and certain names suggested for the journal by comrades.  

A discussion followed and all participating CMC Members took part and presented their valuable views. All Comrades appreciated the call given by CHQ for 12-01-2015 FMA demonstrations as timely and successful and reported that the participation of pensioners in the demonstrations was enthusiastic. They collectively felt that more Programme of Action on important sectional issues is necessary but that can be launched after the completion of common movement if any is finalised by the BCPC National Convention. Many speakers concentrated on CGHS deficiencies; Non-admission of Postal Pensioners into CGHS; Lack of CSMA facilities in spite of the Supreme Court directives; Rent free BSNL landline to Postal Pensioners; Allotment of vacant staff quarters to Pensioners on concession rent; inclusion of family pensioners and GDS and NPS Pensioners as members into our organisation; Problems faced by Pensioners in drawing pension on the pension day due to technical problems faced by introduction of CBS in some places; and need for a mechanism for periodical negotiation with the authorities as like staff associations. 

The President also delivered the Presidential speech on all issues of agenda. After the summing up by the General Secretary the following decisions were taken unanimously:

  1. All Office Bearers and State General Secretaries will attend the Nagpur National Convention of BCPC on 15-02-2015.
  2. All suggestions of the Office Bearers and State General Secretaries will be noted by the CHQ and appropriate follow up action will be taken.
  3. A Programme of Action on Charter of Demands as finalised by National Convention will be effectively carried out. Efforts will be made to include important Postal Pensioners issues in the Charter itself.
  4. A Programme of Action on Postal Pensioners’ Sectional issues will be undertaken if necessary after the Programme of Action of Common issues as finalised by BCPC Convention is completed.
  5. CHQ will interact with NFPE for necessary directions to Circle Secretaries of NFPE at all Circles for a discussion with the AIPRPA leaders to collectively plan formation of AIPRPA in those States where the formation has not yet taken place. It was emphasised and understood that without the active involvement of NFPE leadership at all levels the building of AIPRPA into a strong organisation will be impossible. This fact must be borne in mind by all comrades and the task of building AIPRPA should be attended to with close consultation and cooperation of Circle Secretaries of NFPE Unions as guided by the NFPE & AIPRPA joint circular.
  6. Until a journal is published for CHQ, a monthly Bulletin will be regularly issued by the CHQ. All the States will email the mailing list of all District / Divisional Secretaries with Mobile Numbers for facilitating sending of the Bulletin directly to all.
  7. All State General Secretaries and the CHQ Office Bearers in those States where no State General Secretaries are elected so far will issue a Circular to Pensioners explaining the background of AIPRPA formation; the role played by AIPRPA in formulating the common and sectional memorandum to 7th Pay Commission; the issues being taken up by the CHQ with the Administration and the Programmes launched so far by the CHQ etc to members in local languages.
  8. The Flag of the AIPRPA will be of 3:2 in Red Colour with White letters of AIPRPA. For an appropriate logo to our Association, suggestions will be invited from all Comrades and the best will be selected as our LOGO.
  9. The finances of the CHQ and the State Associations should be strengthened. The CHQ Office Bearers and the State General Secretaries will monitor and arrange for remittance of due quota to CHQ and State by the District Associations as per the by-law provisions.
The role of the Reception Committee of Delhi State AIPRPA came to praise by all participating comrades. The Reception Committee was in fact took pains to organise the CMC meeting in a befitting manner and all arrangements of the venue of the CMC and catering arrangements were of nice order. The CMC concluded with a formal vote of thanks.

General Secretary

Rajender Prasad Verma Chairman Reception Committee welcoming CMC Members

K.Ragavendran GS garlanded by Sankarpal Singh Reception Committee
CHQ President D.K.Rahate delivering Presidential Address
S.K.Vyas SG NCCPA addressing the CMC

CMC members in session
R.Seethalakshmi GS P4 addressing the CMC