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CIRCULAR NO. 20  Dated 20th October,2011



Movement against PFRDA Bill;


                We send herewith copy of the letter from the Convenor of the Steering Committee, which of course  is self explanatory.  The  Steering Committee as you know came into existence as per the decision taken at the National Convention held at New Delhi to launch programmes of action against the proposed PRFDA Bill.  In order to establish mass contact with the public at large to elicit their support for the eventual struggles ahead, the convention had decided to organise a  mass signature campaign.  The campaign was to be unleashed in all States after organising State Convention; March to the Governor's office etc.  The draft for the signature campaign had also been circulated to be got printed by the respective affiliates/state Committees.  The signature campaign was meant to elicit the support of the people for our demand that the Government scraps the bill which has been presented to the Parliament for deliberation and adoption.  We hope that the petition on which signatures are to be obtained might have been got printed and circulated amongst mass of the employees.  We request you to monitor the progress in this regard as we have decided to obtain at least 10 million signatures in the petition to be submitted to the Honourable Speaker on 25th November, 2011.  Needles it is to emphasise that without obtaining the support of the people the struggle against the bill might be difficult to succeed.


                The programme slated for 25th November is to organise a massive procession and rally before the Parliament and submit the petition with 10 million signatures to the Honourable Speaker, Lok Sabha.  The demonstration must be massive, massive and magnificient enough to receive the requisite attention of the media and the public as also to elicit the attention of the Honourable members of the Parliament.  We must take efforts to bring to the kind notice of the honourable members of Parliament of the need to compel the Government to withdraw the ill advised Bill or the same is voted out.  To ensure that, a powerful and strong movement has to be brought about outside the Parliament.  We must bring to the notice of our members the fact that once the bill is made into law by the Parliament, it would open the gates for sever attack on the present  defined benefit pension scheme. The Govt. Will be armed with the powers to tinker with the existing pension affecting adversely the entitlement of pension of the serving employees and Pensioners.  Our members who are recruited after. 1.1.2004 have already been excluded from the pension benefit by the Government through an executive fiat.  It is our bounden duty to fight for them and ensure that they are covered by the defined benefit pension scheme.


                The signature campaign and the March to Parliament, if organised with dedication will raise the public opinion against the bill and will pave the way for it annulment.  We appeal to you to do everything possible to make the programme of 25th November, 2011 a grand success and ensure that the old age security in the form of pension of Govt. Employees is not allowed to be snatched away to benefit the rich corporate houses and stock market manipulators.  The Steering Committee has decided to organise a two hour demonstration at all work-spots on the date on which the Parliament takes the bill for consideration.  We expect the bill to come up for deliberation in the ensuing winter session of the Parliament.


                With greetings and with the fervent belief that you will intensify the mobilisation for making the signature campaign and march to Parliament programme slated for 25th November, 2011 greatly successful by the participation of the largest number of Central Govt. Employees. 







CIRCULAR No. 21 Dated 23rd October, 2011


Dear Comrades,


            The National Secretariat of the Confederation met at Bangalore yesterday, ie 22nd October 2011. Due to indisposition, Com KKN Kutty, Secretary General could not attend the meeting. Com SK Vyas, President, presided.


            The meeting reviewed i) the preparations for the signature campaign and the March to Parliament on 25th November 2011 and ii) the implementation of calls given by the Confederation on the Charter of Demands. The assessment of the meeting is given below.


1.        The Signature campaign on the memorandum to be submitted to the Prime Minister has picked up, but there is a need to constant monitoring so that the target is completed by 15th November 2011. The meeting, therefore, decided to entrust the charge to the Secretariat members as given below.


1. Tamil Nadu/Pondichery-Coms.K Ragavendran,

                             Mani Achari & M Duraipandian,

2. Karnataka – Com Seethalakshmi

3. Andhra Pradesh – Com SK Vyas

4. Mumbai – Coms. RP Singh & KV Jayaraj

5. Rest of Maharashtra - Com Ashok Salunkhe

                                        & PK Das

6. Orissa& Assam – Com N Somaiah

7. Uttar Pradesh – Coms Giriraj Singh

                              & M. S. Raja

8. Madhya Pradesh – Com I. S. Dabas

9. Delhi – Com V Bhattacharjee

10. Bihar & WB – Com Piyush Roy

11. Chhattisgarh – Com M. S. Raja

12. Gujarat – Com M. S. Raja

13. Punjab & Haryana – Com RN Parashar

14. NE Region – Com. Piyush Roy


2.         We will be able to meet the target of the mobilisation of 10000 for the March to Parliament on 25th November 2011.

3.         The NE members-in-charge may ensure that the convention is completed by 15th November 2011 in all such stations where it is yet not over.

4.      On programmes on Charter Demands formulated by National Council of Confederation at its Mumbai meeting it was felt that the momentum is yet to pick up, even though programmes have been carried out in majority of stations.


            It was therefore decided to convene the National Council (ie Secretariat members, Chief Executives of affiliates and General Secretaries of State COCs) of Confederation to chalk out future course of action including date for one day strike, in pursuance of the decisions of the Mumbai National Council meeting.


            The National Council meeting will be held on 16th December 2011 at Kochi, Kerala. Notice would be issued separately.


5.   Com Krishnan, General Secretary, Kerala – where 6-5 lakh signature has already been collected under the banner of Steering Committee – will give brief note on their activity which shall be a model for other COCs to follow.


            The Karnataka State Committee of Confederation had organised a well attended Convention on charter of demands in the afternoon session.










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