Wednesday, October 7, 2020

 All India Postal Employees Union Postmen and MTS (CHQ)


No P-IV/CHQ/Circular-12/2018-2020                                                        Dated 03.10.2020


    All CHQ Office Bearers and Circle/Divisional Secretaries



Dear Comrade,

            Expecting we would have been safe in the Covid -19 pandemic, Unlock 5.0 orders have been issued.  All over the country the Corona cases are increasing horribly day by day and death cases are more than one thousand per day since fifteen days last as per report of Ministry of Health Affairs.  All the institution, Schools, Colleges are opened, Examination have started.  In between Central Government passed the Labour Law and made it in four labour Code. So working Classes of the country are under unrest on the way of bounded labour in the organized sector and un-organized Sector.  Privatization on all most all public sector departments, Postal Department is not left by the Government.  In the plea of various reforms, the department is adopting privatization.  In the name of IPPB Ltd, the Bazaj Alianz is entered to the Post Offices, now the staff is compelling by the administration to selling the policies of Bajaj Alianz in lieu of P L I /R P L I.  Cunningly told that, just you sale one or two policies of Bajaj Alianz, we are ultimately selling bread and butter of Postal Employees in the hand of Corporate.  Virtual meeting organized by NFPE and decided to go for two days Dharna.  One day in front of Divisional Office on 07th October 2020, on 14th October 2020 in front of Circle offices to achieve 10 point Charter of Demands. National Executive Meeting of Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers held through video Conferencing on 26.09.2020 wherein it was decided to go on agitational progrmme with 12 point Charter of Demands. Dharna at District Headquarters on 06th Nov 2020 and at State Level Dharna on 10th December 2020 so these programme will be organized in all most all divisional level and State level without fail. To achieve the demands raised by NFPE 10 point charter of Demand 12 point Charter of demand by CCGE & Workers. Both circulars are published in our Postal Life in English and Postman Ki Awaz in Hindi. Copies have already been sent to all through WhatsApp Group. All are requested to translate in local language and popularize among our Comrades as well as in Public.


CENTENARY YEAR OF COMRADE BABU TARAPADA MUKHERJEE’S  HISTORIC LAHORE SPEACH (NOW IN PAK) FROM 09.10.2020 TO 09.10.2021 (ONE YEAR). ON LINE INAUGURAL CEREMONY WILL BE HELD ON 09.10.2020(FRIDAY) AT 05.00PM. All the Circles are requested to start discussion with all leaders under their leadership to organize the programme in respective places at Divisional /Circle level


            It is observed that some of the Divisional Secretaries are remitting the quota through NEFT, by CASH directly on Bank.  The Central Headquarters is facing problem to trace the name of the division, Bank is also unable to provide us the name and details of the remitter.  So the Divisional Secretaries are once again requested to furnish information about remittance through Bank.  Please immediately intimate  the details of remittance by means of e-mail/WhatsApp/letter helping us to update  your Division’s account accordingly .the details of CHQ Bank Account are as under:-

Indian Overseas Bank at Gole Market Branch,

In the name of AIPEU Postmen Group ‘D’

A/C No 084001000004190, I F S C: IOBA0000840

  (Debabrata Mohanty)

General Secretary

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