Saturday, May 26, 2012

                CONFEDERATIONCONF.06/2012 DATED:25.06.2012

Dear Comrade

The detailed campaign tour programme is enclosed. We have given details of the date and place of the meetings of each state separately. The tickets for travel inside the State will be arranged by the concerned State Committee secretaries, whose names and phone numbers are given. The return and forward journey may be arranged by the concerned individual leaders deployed for each station. The deployed comrades are requested to reach the destination in the morning itself. The State Secretaries may arrange for more than one meeting in a station. For the facility of maximum coverage the visiting leaders may form groups to visit the offices. The affiliates are requested to give necessary instructions to their field formations to mobilize their members to participate in the March to Parliament programme and see that their journey tickets are booked well in advance.

With greetings,
Yours fraternally, 
K.K.N. Kuty)
Secretary General
KERALA: – Thiruvananthapuram- 5.6.2012, , Kochi- 6.6.2012 Calicut- 7.6.2012 - Coms’ M.Krishnan, K.Ragavendran, K.P.RajagopalSate Secretary: Com. M. Krishnan. Phone No. 094470 68125
TAMILNADU:Tiruchy- 12.6.2012, Madurai- 13.56.2012, Coimbatore- 14.6.2012, Chennai- 15.6.2012 -  K.Ragavendran, K.V.Sreedharan, Ashok B Salunkhe, M.Duraipandian, K.Venkatasubramanian. State Secretary , Com. M. Duraipandian. Phone No. 097898 33552
 KARNATAKA: – Bangalore- 16.6.2012,  Hassan- 17.6.2012, Mangalore.-19.6.2012, Hubli 20-6-2012 & Goa.-21.6.2012 K. V. Sreedharan,  T. Narasimhan, R. Sethuraman, V. Sreekumar & P. Prasad. State Secretary. Com. P. Prasad. Phone : 094800 66620

 ANDHRA PRADESH: Dates: June 19, 20 & 21 – Hyderabad 19.6.2012, Vijayawada. 20.6.2012 and Vizag: 21.6.2012K. Ragavendran, K.P. Rajagopal, Nageswar Rao, Humayun, Satyanarayana, N. Somaiah. State Secretary. Com. Nageswara Rao Phone: No. 099123 48233.
 MAHARASHTRA: - Nagpur.  5.6.2012  Mumbai 6.6.2012, Pune 7.6.2012.KKN Kutty, Ashok Salunkhe  K.V. Sreedharan, D.K.Rahate, M.S. Bharne, Nageswara Rao,  RP Singh & P.K. Das State Secretary: Com. R.P.Singh  Phone’ No. 099690 80996
GUJARAT: -  Ahmedabad 12.6.2012, Rajkot 13.6.2012 Baroda  14.6.2012 K.K.N. Kutty, A.B. Salunkhe, D.K.Rahate, Ishwar Singh Dabas & VK Bhambhi State Secretary: Com. V.K. Bhambhi.  Phone No.094273 03395
MADHYAPRADESH & CHATISGARH : - Bhopal,- 19.6.2012;Indore- 20.6.2012; Jabalpur-21.6.2012 and  Raipur -22.6.2012 Coms. Ishwar Singh Dabas, R.N.Parasar, P. Suresh, T.K.R.Pillai & Yeshwant Purohit. Sate Secretary Com. Y. Purohit- Phone No. 09467 17191.
RAJASTHAN:  Jaipur- 20.6.2012, Ajmer-21.6.2012, Jodhpur-22.6.2012 and Udaipur-23.6.2012
S.K.Vyas, Giriraj Singh, Ashok Kanojia & RS Shekhawat. State Secretary R.S.Shekawat Ph No. 094147 75515
PUNJAB, HARYANA, HP & CHANDIGARH : - Amritsar-09.7.2012, Jalandhar-10.7.2012, Ambala-11.7.2012, Chandigarh-12.7.2012 and Shimla-13.7.2012.
M.S. Raja, R.N.Parassar, Ashok Kanojia, Giriraj Singh.Com. to be contacted Com. Noel-Phone No. 098885 51044
U.P & UTTARAKHAND: - Kanpur-3.7.2012; Lucknow-4.7.2012 , Allahabad-5.7.2012, Dehradun- 6.7.2012 Coms. S.K.Vyas, K.P. Rajagopal, Ishwar Singh Dabas, Giriraj Singh, R.N.Parasar & JP Singh: State Secretary Com. J.P. Singh- Phone No. 080054 45445.
BIHAR & JHARKHAND: - Patna- 10.7.2012, Dhanbad,-11.7.2012 Jamshedpur- & Ranchi- 12.7.2012. Coms. Pijush Roy, V.Bhattacharya, Yeshwant Purohit S.K.Humayun, R.N.Dhal, Somaiah,. State Secretary: Com. Mukteswar Prasad Singh- Phone No. 089869 11289.
ORISSA: Dates: June 26, 27 & 28 – Bhubaneswar- 26.6.2012,Cuttack- 27.6.2012 ,Pijush Roy, V. Bhattacharya, S.K.Humayun, M Duraipandian, Somaiah, Rupak Sarkar & RN Dhal: State Secretary Com. R.N.Dhal- Phone No. 094372 25600.
WEST BENGAL: Dates: June 19, 20, 21 -  Kolkata- 19.6.2012, Farakka-20.6.12 & Siliguri-21.6.12
Com. M.Krishnan, Pijush Roy, V.Bhattacharya, Rupak Sarkar.State Secy- Com. Pijush Roy, Phone No. 094335 15577
N.E REGION: - Guwahati- 26..6.2012, Shillong- 27.6.2012 & Agartala- 28.6.2012
Com. M.S. Raja, K.P. Rajagopal, Tapandas Gupta. Pranab Bhattacharjee, Rehman & GK Gohain.  Assam State Secretary: Com. GK Gohain Phone No. 094335 15577
 DELHI- 16 & 17.7.2012; MEERUT & GAZIABAD- 18.7.2012, FARIDABAD-19.7.2012 & GURGAON- 20.7.2012. Coms. S.K. Vyas, K.K.N. Kutty, M.S.Raja, Ashok Kanojia, V. Bhattacharya. Ishwar Singh Dabas,Giriraj Singh. Delhi State Secretary- Com. V. Bhattacharya, Phone No. 098685 20926.

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