Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mysore, Feb. 12- Even as the two-day nationwide Bank stir seeking fulfilment of various demands of Bank employees, which had badly affected banking services across the country, ended yesterday, the Postal employees launched a two-day stir in city this morning as part of a nationwide strike called by the Postal Unions pressing for meeting their several demands. 
The postal employees representing the 5 Postal Unions — Postal Joint Council of Action (PJCA), National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE), Federation of National Postal Organisation (FNPO), All India Postal Employees Union (AIPEU) and National Union of Postal Employees (NUPE) — who gathered at the Head Post Office in Nehru Circle here this morning, raised slogans demanding fulfilment of their 11-point charter of demands. 
Their demands include: Bringing rural postal employees under the ambit of the 7th Pay Commission; Implementation of the 7th Pay Commission recommendations with retrospective effect from Jan. 1, 2014; Termination of the new pension policy; Revision of wages of temporary/ part-time employees; Dropping of discriminative recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission; Five promotions to all employees and treating rural employees on par with other Central Govt. employees. 
Postal services across the city was badly hit on account of the strike. The protestors were led by C.R. Deenabandhu, Secretary-PJCA and President, NUPE-P3, Mylarappa, President-PJCA, Shivashankar Rao, President, AIPEU-P3, H.S. Nagaraj, Secretary, AIPEU-P3, Venkatesh, Secretary, NUPE-P3, Subramanya, President, AIPEU-P4, R. Mahdev, Secretary, NUPE-P4, Sundaraiah, Secretary, AIPEU-P4, Krishnaswamy, President, NUPE-P4 and others 

Bellary Comrades at Strike

HUBLI Comrades

NewsKarnataka - Bangalore:

BangaloreThe Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers - Karnataka State, has announced a 48-hour nationwide strike to be held on February 12 and 13.

According to a press release, the employees of Postal, Audit, Accounts, Income Tax, Ground Water Board, Survey of India, Central Excise, Geological Survey of India, among 40 Central Government departments will be participating in the protest.

The General Secretary of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers Karnataka State P.S Prasad has stated that the employees are demanding the implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission recommendations with effect  from January 1, 2014.


Recently the Inflation index has gone down from nearly 11% to 9.4 % in last two months, The Consumer Price Index which was at peak in November 2013 at 243 points has gone down to 239 points in December 2013. Since the inflation has gone down from 9.7% to 9.4 % from December 2013 to Jan 2014 , there is a possibility of CPI numbers at 236 in Jan 2014 once again it will be three points down.  Already as on 1/1/14 the DA is calculated at 100.56%.  The question will be in every person mind that CPI decrease will reduce the DA and we will be below 100%.
                As the DA is calculated on 12 months average at 236 points the DA as on Jan 2014 will be still at 101.64, even if the Consumer Price Index is reduced in next four months by 10 points we can expect a DA of 103 or 104 % in July 2014. This effect will only be felt in Jan 2015 DA calculation only . The DA will come down below 100% in Jan 2015 if the Consumer Price Index will come down only below 228 points that means a reduction of 11 points from 239 points as on 1/1/14. It is too early to predict price rise or fall, but we should not have any anxiety for next three or four months on inflation trends or DA going below 100% mark.

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