Saturday, January 3, 2015


The forum of BSNL unions and Associations of Non-Executives and executives haS decided programme of agitations  stage by stage from Jan 2015 –(1) 3 days Dharna at all District & Circle level from 6th Jan 2015 to 08th January 2015 (2) Parliament March of BSNL workers on 25th Feb 2015 (3) Indefinite  Strike from 17th March 2015. It is also decided to submit a memorandum signed by more than one Crore people and employees to the Prime Minister on the day of Parliament March with demands for taking necessary measures for revival  of BSNL. A massive “ Save BSNL Campaign” is also being organized. BSNL Union / Associations are seeking our full support and solidarity in the Save BSNL Campaign and the programmes of action. Yes, it is also being our responsibility to save BSNL along with Postal as a citizen of India & as a Central Govt.  Employees. P&T Services in India have a long history spanning more than one and half century (1851), Since 1851 it is providing communications in all parts of country along with Postal. Till 1985 It was the Posts & Telegraph combined to serve the nation by providing telegraph and telephone services. In both services new technologies were introduced one after another which not only improved  the services, but made it faster and faster, which was the requirement of the Govt. and the People.  In 1985 breaking  the connection of Postal Department of telecommunication was formed.  After 1990, The new liberalization  policy  of the  Central Govt. had its affect  on the telecom services also – In 1994-95 Private companies were given license for providing mobile services In 2000 by formation of VSNL/MTNL/BSNL. It was corporatized. Corporatization was the first step towards privatization, as already seen in the  case of VSNL which has been handed over to TATA’s and now a Private Company, TATA Communications. BSNL & MTNL are still now PSU fully owned by the Central Government, while MTNL provided service in Delhi & Mumbai, BSNL providing Telecom  Services all over India.
                Now what is wrong with BSNL? Why it is under loss? Why it is facing difficulty of Services?. It is very easy  to find out answer  (1) while  at the time of formation. BSNL was having about forty thousand crores  cash balance  at its disposal, this was not allowed to use effectively for expansion and development (2) BSNL is providing maximum Telecom Services in rural area with huge losses and risk. Each land line provided and maintained will result loss to company (3) at the time of corporatization Govt. assured for financial support was not fulfilled but it was extended to Private Telecom companies... (4) While BSNL working under the directions of Govt. and implementing the policy decisions of Govt. for universal service and work for security  of the country and  people , How can  it equated with the private company to pay license  fee ? Instead of giving priority to its own  company “BSNL Govt. have been helping and favouing the private Tellecoms i.e. Private companies were given mobile license in 1994-95 while BSNL got license after six years in 2002- when the  3G BWA spectrum was allotted BSNL was compelled to shell out 18500 crore for private company. It was 5000  to 7000 crore only  for the same & BSNL was allotted spectrum of lesser standard. While Govt. preaches about  equal field why it is discriminated against BSNL. In the race of competition to provide better and  efficient  services for growth and expansion. The procurement of necessary equipment is important. The latest technology should be used when and where latest innovation have taken place. Even BSNL is having biggest market share in the land line and Brand Bond Services. It is not enough to give service in fast growing mobile upto the  customers’ the delight. Because of all these reasons BSNL is under loss for the last four years. Now BSNL unions took the initiatives in fighting against the anti-BSNL policies of the Govt. for an efficient management and for active participation of the workers.

Comrade, While task force report in our door step to corporatize the Postal. Let us learn a lesson from BSNL and think about our future. To day BSNL Tomorrow may Postal?

 Kindly cooperate  and support with BSNL struggle at all levels without fail. Let us  unitedly give a slogan  ‘SAVE POSTAL -  SAVE BSNL FOR PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY AND SECRUITY AND SOVEREIGNTY OF  OUR COUNTRY.

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